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Slate Stone Walling

Slate Stone Walling

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Westmorland green slate split face walling stone. Capturing the distinct rich green hues that Westmorland slate is celebrated for, each piece promises not only an aesthetic allure but also the story of a region steeped in history and natural beauty.


  • Dimensions: Varies in length, width, and depth. with a bed approximately 100-150mm.
  • Detailing: At least one sawn edge on each piece, split face stone.
  • Appearance: Hand-selected to ensure a traditional random pattern, synonymous with classic Lake District walling.


  • Craft a textured pitch-faced walling from an environmentally sustainable source.
  • Ideal for both functional and aesthetic purposes, be it natural dry-stone walls, mortared barriers, building cladding, retaining walls, pony walls, parapet and knee walls, boundary demarcations, raised beds, edging, house builds or even ornate garden landscaping tasks.
  • Suitable for crafting stone garden walls, raised beds, formal entrances like gate posts, and much more

Key Highlights:

  • Exceptional durability, with resilience against frost and water damage.
  • Testament to robustness, this walling stands the test of time.
  • Honouring our commitment to the environment, this stone boasts an impressively low carbon footprint, sourced directly from the last active slate mine in England, nestled in the Lake District.
  • Infuse your property with the timeless elegance of traditional Lakeland building facades

Additional Note:
To complete your walling vision, coping stones are available for purchase separately, ensuring a polished final touch to your project.

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