Beautiful slate tiles for your walls and floors, made at England's last working slate mine.

Slate Tiles, they have to be Honister!

All our slate flooring and wall tiles are made to order. We supply two finishes, natural/riven or honed/polished.

Whatever your style, Honister slate tiles provide practical flooring that looks great and lasts for years.  The durability and beauty will make them ideal for higher traffic areas. Honister slate creates a naturally elegant look, doesn’t attract dust, and can increase your home value. 

The honed finish offers a durable and easy to clean surface while the riven finish is more of a rustic, natural look and just as durable. 

Our tiles are one of the best natural product to go with under floor heating. It holds the heat long after being heated. 

Inside flooring and wall tiles would always be recommended at a minimum of 12mm thickness.

Outside paving would always be recommended at 30mm thickness and in a riven finish. 


Made to Order

Like most of our products we make the flooring to order.  

Honister tiles come in honed/polished finish or natural/riven. The honed finish is machine cut and smoothed to a matt finish.  The riven finish is docked and separated by simple hand tools and the surface does not get any treatment by machinery hence why it is left uneven (riven).

Honister slate tiles can be used in many parts of your property; kitchens, bathroom, living rooms, conservatories, shower, gardens and patios.  

We mine all our slate from deep inside Fleetwith Pike and only provide the one colour, the famous Westmorland green slate.

Here is some ideas of sizes for the honed and riven finish to give you an idea, but please do get in touch with your quantities and if you have a different size tile in mind. 

  • 100mm wide x random lengths x 12mm 
  • 200mm wide x random lengths x 12mm 
  • 300mm long x 300mm wide x 12mm 
  • 400mm long x 300mm wide x 12mm 
  • 400mm long x 400mm wide x 12mm 
  • 600mm long x 300mm wide x 12mm

Slate Flooring FAQs

It will outlive you, that’s for sure.  With the correct maintenance we are happy to say 200+ years. 

Yes! It is one of the best flooring out there when it comes to underfloor heating.  Slate is renowned to keep the heat long after, which can only help keeping the bills down.

The flooring needs sealed on all edges and the top after being laid and grouted. These floors must be thoroughly cleaned prior to sealing and help prevent finger and water marks.

Get in touch with us via email, as we have just the right product for you.

Yes it does slightly darken the slate flooring. Coating type sealers usually highlight the stone surface, thus bringing out the real color and nuances in the slate not always visible before sealing.


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