It's hard-wearing, long-lasting, a superb colour and easy to work with.


Honister slate walling is an important part of any project, providing you with a beautiful, luxurious finish for both traditional and modern styles.  

It is important to prepare the area if it is a modern look with a smaller stone required or a more traditional finish which can be more lenient for a larger type of walling stone.  All our walling types comes in a different ‘bed’ which is the depth of your wall.  

For the more modern look, you will be looking at walling which has been half machined and finished by hand. This is a popular stone as it is easier to work and quicker to build. Great for exterior cladding or a chimney breast inside for that modern farmhouse look. 

The more rustic walling has not been touched my machine and are the more natural picked rustic stone which require a larger bed.  The other term for this is weathered walling and it’s enjoying a surge in popularity in period properties or projects where aged authenticity matters. It is very popular with local buildings under strict building regulations. It oozes character.  

We also offer a large rustic walling stone which is better known as rockery. It is mostly used for garden walling creating beautiful boundaries or as a rockery garden area. For those small dry stone walling project building boundaries in the garden without mortar. 

A beautiful finish to any garden wall is coping stones. These coping stones become a perfect bench area for your garden wall and finish it off too. They are all made to order. 

Different Types

Best Quality:

Our most prestigious walling stone. £600 per ton, four-to-six inches on-bed with at least two sawn edges. This covers 3 square meters to the ton.

Second Quality

1st Grade Dockings are £510 per ton, four to six inches on-bed with two sawn edges.

2nd Grade Dockings are £414 per ton, four to six inches on-bed with one sawn edge (not as uniformed as 1st Grade). Both options cover 3 square meters to the ton.

Third Quality

Weathered Walling is £354 per ton, hand picked with an average of eight inch bed. Rockery is £150 per ton, ranging from eight to twenty inch on bed. This covers 2.5 square meters to the ton.


All prices are inclusive of VAT.

Slate Walling FAQs

If you take the length and the width of your wall, you will get a m2 area you will need to cover. 

Yes we do. Let us know the width and the length of the wall and we will let you know the price. They tend to be made to order at your width and random lengths. 

It is all Honister green slate. There is some variations but its all natural and green/grey in colour. The colour might change a little over time as it weathers with time.


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