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Garden Boulders

Garden Boulders

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Lakeland Green slate boulders, are the perfect accompaniment to any outdoor space, whether to complement with existing rockeries, walling, or simply adding a pop of rich colour and character.

Noted worldwide for its premium quality, our green slate is renowned for its deep green hue, a colour that deepens when wet, unveiling the intricate markings the stone. Beyond beauty, it boasts resilience; with an immunity to frost and water damage.

Dimensionally speaking, our boulders stretch approximately from 500mm to 1000mm in length, and 200mm to 600mm in depth. Each boulder weighs in at around 150-250kg and they're available for purchase in sets of 2.

Key Attributes:

  • Ideal as striking feature stones, components of ponds, or as a foundation for water features.
  • Complement our Monoliths, seamlessly integrating into a range of garden designs.
  • Crafted from volcanic activity over 450 million years ago, the Honister green slate stands as one of the most enduring stones in existence.
  • Reflecting our dedication to sustainability, these boulders have a minimal carbon footprint, hand-picked directly from England's last operational slate mine in the picturesque Lake District.
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