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Slate Dust/Powder Bulk Bags

Slate Dust/Powder Bulk Bags

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Our Slate dust is smaller in size than our chippings and the perfect product to use as a sub-base.  It has a compact finish and ideal for paths and borders. It is often known as tailings or Crusher run.

Our slate dust is finely crushed to create a perfectly compacted sub-base, ideal for paths and borders that need a smooth finish. Also known as tailings or Crusher run, our slate dust is the perfect complement to our larger slate chippings.

 Classed as  fully recycled materials, slate dust and chippings  from Honister are a by-product of our slate manufacturing process and are more environmentally friendly than  stone from other producers.

1 Bulk Bag will cover approximately 11 square meters at 30mm thick.

This item is non returnable, if delivery cannot be made due to access or nobody being available you will be due to pay a re-delivery fee before the goods can be released.

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