Honister green slate is a high quality material which makes for a beautiful, lasting memorial.


One of our most popular reasons to which our customers choose to have a Westmoreland green slate headstone for their loved ones is because they spent time in or appreciated the Lake District.

Each of our headstones and memorial plaques are uniquely hand-crafted by one of our stone masons to produce a stone which will be cherished and loved by family and friends, making each stone unique.

As well as its beautiful colour, Honister slate is renowned for its resistance to weathers. It does not encourage growth of mosses or lichens and it is impervious to frost.

It is the ultimate last goodbye for someone special.  

Made to Order

Every stone we produce is made to order and to your individual requirements.

We make headstones in either a natural/rustic finish or a honed/polished. The area where we will letter will always need to be smoothed to enable us to sandblast your chosen lettering. We can create a rustic shape to your preference however it will never be a 100% match as each stone is unique.

It is a daunting process, but the best advise will be to ask your local council for the sizes, material and shapes they allow. If you see a stone you like, take note of it and let us know. The size, shape and finish sometimes feels different when you go back into the churchyard.

We have added a few photos of stones made in the past to help with the process.

Once you have the sizes, shape, finish and lettering you would like please send us an email and we will be happy to provide you with a quotation. Once the order is placed, we will send over a mock-up of the lettering for approval. We will not go ahead with this process without your confirmation. 

Slate Headstone FAQs

This depends on your churchyards requirements. Some don’t need a base and can go directly into the ground, which means you need to add around 10-12″ to the height.

Yes you can, you do however need to check with your council and churchyard as they need to approve it.  We can email a mock up at this stage to help which you can print or email forward for approval. 

Yes it will, it is a strong material and are renowned for its durability and longevity. 

We sandblast the lettering into the stone around 5mm deep.  We then paint it either white or leave it natural.  

You don’t have to do anything to maintain the stone.  It will be sealed but does not need anything done to it.  If however it is in an area that gets a lot of weathering, like next to the coast, a wipe with a clean cloth will work great.  


Contact us to discuss your requirements

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