Christmas with a Touch of Lake District Slate: Honister's Artistry for the Festive Season

Christmas with a Touch of Lake District Slate: Honister's Artistry for the Festive Season

As the crisp winter air settles in and thoughts turn to festive preparations, we at Honister are delighted to showcase our unique offerings, each handcrafted in the heart of the Lake District.

New Handmade Slate Christmas Decorations

Reindeer & Stars Tree Decorations:

Picture your Christmas tree this year, adorned with exquisite slate reindeers and green slate stars. These aren’t just decorations; they're small testaments to the Lake District’s history and craftsmanship.

Reindeer & Snowmen Ornaments:

The magic of Christmas is often in the little things. Our handmade reindeer and snowmen ornaments, each distinct in character, ensure your festive décor is truly one-of-a-kind.

Festive Tealight Holders:

As the nights draw in, our slate tealight holders cast a gentle, heart-warming glow. Ideal for setting that snug, festive mood.

The Timeless Appeal of Slate: A Perfect Christmas Gift

With its robust texture and timeless charm, Lakeland slate offers a range of gifts that bear the mark of genuine craftsmanship:

Wall Plaques

Chosen from our designs, these plaques carry a distinct touch of the Lake District, reminding one of cherished memories.

Highland Cow Ornaments

A nod to our British heritage, these endearing pieces effortlessly add a touch of charm to any setting.

Cheese Boards & Knives

For those who appreciate the finer things, our slate cheese boards and matching knives bring sophistication to festive feasts.

Rolling Pins: For the Christmas baker, our slate rolling pins are more than just functional; they’re a piece of the Lake District brought into the kitchen.


For a Festive Feast:

Slate Dining Sets

Gathering family around the table is an integral part of Christmas. Our slate dining sets, handcrafted and durable, offer the perfect setting for those cherished family meals, blending tradition with elegance.


Personalised Slate Wine Racks

Gift a bespoke touch this festive season with our slate wine racks, engraved meticulously with family surnames. A thoughtful, lasting gift for the wine enthusiast in your family.

This Christmas, let the beauty of the Lake District shine in your home with Honister’s exquisite slate creations.

Discover our full collection at and make your festive season truly special.


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