Digging Deep: A Brief Guide To The Slate Mining Process

Digging Deep: A Brief Guide To The Slate Mining Process

Slate production is an industrial process that has developed over hundreds of years, where it takes precision and skill to extract this rock type in large workable slabs. Slate is known for its durability, making it a highly versatile material for building and decorative uses. As it is most useful in large, flat pieces, slate must be extracted carefully to preserve the integrity of the rock.

This rock type can be extracted through mining or quarrying operations, where a slate mine refers to underground tunnels and caverns where rock is extracted, whilst quarries are above the surface. Read on to find out more about the slate mining and extraction process.


Slate mining requires a precision extraction process in order to preserve the integrity of the rock. This is carried out by drilling holes into the rock at an angle that is perpendicular to the slate, where explosive powder is then poured into these cavities. Controlled explosions then allow the slate slabs to be extracted.


These slabs are transported to a manufacturing facility, where diamond-edged blades are used to split and trim the pieces into a desired size. Water is used to remove impurities and rubble from these slabs, resulting in a higher quality product.

A grade is then assigned to the final slate product to allow it to be distributed and sold for different purposes. S1 is the highest slate grade, where these products generally have a minimum lifespan of around seventy-five years.

Honister Slate

England’s last working slate mine is located at the top of Honister Pass in the Lake District, where the world-famous Westmorland Green Slate is extracted. This rock type has been dated at 450 million years old, where it has been compressed underground to form a unique green slate. It is believed that slate has been extracted from this site since Roman times, where mining practices have evolved over the centuries to result in a highly efficient and precise process.

We sell a comprehensive range of bespoke slate items at our Honister Slate shop, where you can take home a long-lasting reminder of the Lake District for your home. Our current range includes slate hearths, water features and signage, where we can also provide paving stones and aggregates for a variety of building needs.

At Honister, we also host a wide range of adventure activities in and around Honister Pass. These include outdoor climbing routes, cliff camping opportunities and canyoning sessions. In addition to this, we provide educational and exciting tours of our working mines, where you can see how modern slate production takes place, whilst also receiving an overview of our mine’s long history.

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