Fantastic Lake District Keepsakes And Gifts

Fantastic Lake District Keepsakes And Gifts

Visiting The Lake District is likely to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, with this memorable location among the most stunning in the entire country. Keepsakes are a great way to capture moments – be it a first family trip, workplace excursion or romantic weekend away. Not always the most obvious trinkets and items, your gift of choice will likely be particularly significant to you – therefore keeping an open mind can result in brilliant selections. Let the Honister Slate team provide some of our most poignant suggestions – be it slate which has been mined directly from the site or a local Cumbria delicacy to share with others.

Informative Reading

Reading is one of the best ways to discover your surroundings (aside from our popular guided educational tours of course), and plenty of historical literature exists which serves to describe the significance of Honister Pass and other local sites. If longform reading is more your thing, then why not get lost in the rich history of the famous national park? Others may be interested in a pictorial history of the flora, fauna and timeless elements of years gone by within the mine.

Framed Photos And Postcards

Capture a moment in time with picture gifts, postcards and photo accessories worth cherishing. Fridge magnets, keyrings, canvases and framed images can really complement any living space or room in the house. Alternatively, postcards have long been the number one way to write home and let everyone know that you’re having an unforgettable experience with family activities. There’s no short supply of stunning backgrounds to strike a pose upon, while our gift shop contains themed gift templates customised with whatever you desire.

A Piece Of Your Surroundings

You can literally take home a piece of your surroundings by purchasing a slate accessory in our on-site gift shop – with plenty of equipment and items directly crafted from the famous slate materials sourced within. Join the occupying Romans, ancient Monks and Victorian pioneers in owning a piece of history – direct from England’s last working slate mine – Fleetwith Pike. Using ancient techniques to make truly unique contemporary products, furnish your interior with bespoke creations.

Local Snacks

Local cuisine is a big deal, and Cumbrian dishes include meats, cheeses, jams and relishes as a starting point. Treat those loved ones back home to authentic Northern food by serving up sticky toffee pudding, Grasmere gingerbread or a succulent savoury recipe picked up from your fantastic time in the locality.

At Honister Slate, we produce the most thrilling, interesting and memorable Lake District Adventures on offer – whatever the weather. We look forward to welcoming you and showing you around our spectacular location, where we source our beautiful 450 million year old material that has been extracted here for centuries. Interested in discovering more experiences including cliff camping and underground talks? Contact us today!

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