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Rustic Slate Benches

Rustic Slate Benches

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Our rustic Westmorland green slate garden benches are not just a place to sit, but a conversation starter in any garden setting. Each bench, infused with the evocative green tones characteristic of the Westmorland slate, is a piece of history, charm, and timeless elegance.


  • Purpose: Perfect for garden relaxation, as a feature on patios, or as a natural complement to garden hideaways or green lawns.
  • Dimensions: Crafted to order with variations to fit any garden size or style ranging from 3 feet long up to 6 feet.

Key Features:

  • Nature's Design: Every bench, with its nuanced grain and colour patterns, offers a unique connection to nature.

  • Durability: Slate's inherent properties ensure longevity, withstanding the elements with grace over the years.

  • Versatility: Complementing both contemporary and traditional garden designs, these benches can blend seamlessly or stand out as a statement piece, as desired.


  • Centre of Attention: Place them at strategic points in your garden, making them focal points of relaxation and reflection.

  • Patio Perfect: Their natural elegance enhances patios, ensuring your outdoor seating is both functional and artful.

  • Natural Nooks: Whether it's beside a water feature or under a shaded tree, these benches encourage moments of pause and admiration in any garden setting.

Important Consideration:

  • Slate Garden Bench Delivery: Given the solid nature of slate, these benches are substantial. Ensure you have a proper space and a plan for placement upon delivery. Our delivery is to the curb side only, so relocation to your chosen spot in the garden should be pre arranged by yourself
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