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Slate Garden Standing Stones

Slate Garden Standing Stones

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Steeped in history and tradition, Westmorland green slate monoliths are a captivating enhancement to any outdoor space.

Whether serving religious purposes or solely for aesthetic charm over past millennia, these distinctively angled stones, mined straight from the earth's embrace, speak volumes with their profound green hues.


  • Versatility: Suitable as garden centrepieces, turning circle stones, wall integrations, or sheer statement pieces.
  • Dimensions: Ranging from 2 foot up to 8 foot in height, with the most common sizes being between 3- 5 foot, available in both chunky and slender forms.
  • Unique: Each stone is unique, if you are looking for something very specific, please email us to see what is in stock before purchase.

Key Features:

  • Attention-Grabbing: Regardless of its form - tall and vertical or wide and robust, even with a possibility of being drilled for water features - slate monoliths are undeniably intriguing.

  • Rustic Charm: For those inclined towards a more untamed appearance, our slate feature stones offer a compelling alternative. Sourced from the finest green slate, these feature stones are available by the foot in height.


  • Water Wonder: Monoliths can be tailored with expert pre-drilling for water features. Coupled with a water pump and fittings, they transform into mesmerising garden attractions. Note that slate feature stones especially enrich their beauty when moistened, we currently do not provide reservoirs, pumps or grates for water features.

  • Rockery Reverie: Embrace grandeur and use height for influence. While monoliths dominate as the central attraction, feature stones, either alone or in clusters, amplify the allure of any rockery.

Important Consideration:

  • Slate Monolith Delivery: When you’re selecting a monolith size, consider the space you have available. As some of our monoliths can tower up top 8 foot high, their immense size means they can weigh up to and over 1.5 tonnes and would require a mechanical lift to move into place in addition to a strong base or sump. You’ll need space to manoeuvre this in without damaging nearby flowerbeds or paths.
  • Our delivery is to curbside only and other arrangements must be made to move to your required location. Haulage drivers are not allowed to assist you with moving the stone past its curbside delivery location.

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