A Reliable Rock: Domestic & Commercial Uses Of Slate

A Reliable Rock: Domestic & Commercial Uses Of Slate

Slate is a highly versatile metamorphic rock type, formed when sedimentary materials are placed under pressure. This rock is extracted from slate quarries and then utilised for a variety of domestic and industrial purposes. Its durable makeup means that it can withstand a range of weather conditions, where it can be carved into multi-purpose slabs or into smaller chips.

Read on for a look at how this rock type can be used, with reference to the array of authentic slate products available from the Honister Slate shop.


Slate For Exteriors

One of the most common uses for slate is as tiles or paving slabs, which can be utilised on roofs, walls and pathways. Slate is weatherproof and durable, meaning it creates a long-lasting addition to a domestic exterior. For more personalised purposes, slate also makes a great basis for household signage, where it is easy to carve and hang on an exterior wall.

Slate For Interiors

Slate is just as versatile inside the home, in addition to its exterior uses. Slate worktops for kitchens as well as for scientific uses in labs are a good option for durability. This is because slate is heat resistant and doesn’t react with industrial chemicals. Slate can also be used for interior flooring as well as hearths and fireplaces.

Slate In The Garden

The naturally weather resistant properties of slate also make it the ideal choice for garden features. A range of water fountains can be constructed from slate, as well as planters and outdoor seating. Slate can also be broken down into smaller gravel chips which can be used for paths and walkways.

Slate For Gravestones

In addition to its various domestic uses, slate is also a popular choice for gravestones and memorial plaques. These can be constructed in a variety of shapes and styles to suit any budget. Its durability and weather-resistant qualities mean that it lasts for a long time in an outdoor environment, whilst it is also easy to carve and adapt to personal specifications.

Honister Slate

Honister Slate is extracted from England’s last working slate mine, located in the Lake District at the top of Honister Pass. We sell a wide range of hand-crafted slate products using only authentic slate materials from our mine. Our comprehensive range includes paving, signage, hearths and headstones, where we can produce bespoke products according to your personal requirements.

At Honister, we also provide a variety of outdoor adventure activities, including cliff camping, canyoning and tours along our infinity bridge. Further to this, we offer exciting mine tours for a range of group sizes, which offer an insight into our daily working practices.

Contact us today for more information about the activity packages we offer, or visit our slate shop to browse our range of unique products.


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