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Slate Bookends

Slate Bookends

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Each set of bookends is handcrafted from premium-quality green slate, renowned for its natural beauty and durability. The rich green hues and unique veining patterns of the slate lend a touch of sophistication to any space, making these bookends a true conversation starter.

Aside from their functionality, these bookends serve as elegant decorative pieces. The natural beauty of the green slate adds a touch of luxury and sophistication to your bookshelves, desks, or display cabinets. They seamlessly blend with a variety of interior styles, from modern to rustic, making them versatile and timeless accents.

Our sets of Green Slate Bookends are a practical solution for book organization as well as adding a stunning decorative element. Whether you're a book lover, an interior design enthusiast, or someone looking for a thoughtful gift, these bookends are sure to impress with their aesthetics and functionality.

As these are handcrafted, each is unique in its own way and will vary from the one pictured.

Dimensions are approximate as each piece of stone is unique.

Small: 150mm tall x 100mm deep x 140mm wide

Large: 200mm tall x 100mm deep x 150mm wide 


Please note: bookends are sold in matching pairs.


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