Rockery Stones

Rockery Stones

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Perfectly poised to grace any garden, these stones encapsulate the verdant splendour of the Lake District, with their rich green hues complementing any outdoor space. Rockery Stones can now be delivered direct to your home from Honister.

With dimensions ranging from 200mm – 500mm bed approximately, these stones are more than just aesthetically pleasing. Beyond their immunity to frost, their natural pH levels make them an excellent choice for ponds (please thoroughly wash first) and water features, ensuring harmony in both garden borders and rockery gardens.

Born from volcanic activity over 450 million years ago, the Honister green slate ranks among the most enduring stones worldwide.

Key Highlights:

  • Exceptional durability, ensuring resilience against both frost and water damage.
  • A true testament to longevity, our rockery stone has stood the test of time.
  • Embodying our environmental ethos, these stones possess an impressively low carbon footprint, being hand-picked straight from the last operating slate mine in England, set amidst the breath-taking backdrop of the Lake District.

Experience the legacy and timeless elegance of the Lake District with every stone from Honister.

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